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The winding down of a blog


Greetings, from the world's worst blogger!

I hate to admit it, but my blog is winding down, folks.

While I'll still get a kick to write every so often, mostly it's the dreaded task that I can't make myself finish even begin. Life is just busier and the blog has taken a back seat.

I blame having teenagers!

I've really struggled throwing in the towel. For one, reading past entries makes me so glad I took the time to write down the funny and cute and awkward life happenings that go on around here and I'll miss this method of recording them, and for two, it's such a great way to scrapbook (by printing your blog) without having to actually scrapbook, haha. Again, too busy!

More than feelings of sadness though, I feel relief. It really is a weight lifted off me to give this up in the season I'm in. And I'm really proud of myself for sticking to it for so long. Six and a half years... if nothing else, that's a LOT of outfit pictures ;)

Thanks for hanging out with me in this space.
Peace out ;)

P.S. You can still find me on instagram, and very rarely on twitter and snapchat. Just search for jodalamode.

What I Wore {The 2016 Favorites}


Let's see, what did I learn to embrace in 2016 when it came to my wardrobe?

I'm going to go with: birkenstocks (bought my first pair ever), wearing ankle boots with not just skinny jeans, but knee length skirts & dresses, owning boyfriend jeans even though I'm not a skinny gal, blanket scarves, utility vests, and the return of the super long flare leg jean!

Here's my faves (that mostly have nothing to do with the above list, actually)...

I'm already looking forward to trying new (to me) trends this year... and that's why fashion is so much fun!

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What I Wore No. 310


What I wore the last week of December...

No. 1
Old Navy top, Forever 21 cardigan, Jag jeans, Trend Shoes booties, Nickel & Suede earrings & cuff

No. 2 
Old Navy blouse, Kut From the Kloth boyfriend jeans, Trend Shoes booties, Maurice's necklace, Nickel & Suede earrings

No. 3 
TJ Maxx top, YMI vest, Kut From the Kloth boyfriend jeans, Trend Shoes booties, gifted scarf

No. 4 
Old Navy top, Faded Glory cardigan, Jag jeans, Trend Shoes slip on sneakers, finger-knitted scarf made by me

No. 5 
Old Navy top, Costco sweats, Old Friend sheepskin slippers

Next week I'll share my favorite outfits from 2016 - one of my favorite posts to put together each year!

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Wrapping up December {in January}


Hello, 2017!

I'm so happy it's a new year. For one, it's no longer election year. PRAISE GOD. For two, I'm flying to New Zealand this year! In 3 months to be exact, and I caaaaan't wait. And for three, January is one month closer to the return of summer :)

2016 was a really good year for us, and I can't properly move on until I wrap it up...

Presenting: December!

We picked a tree...

and we decorated it.

Jana and I went on our annual Christmas outfit shopping day (where we also finish up our Christmas shopping, eat out, exhange gifts with each other, and discuss all of life's issues and problems ;)

We had our first winter storm that left 4 inches of snow...

and we took some family pictures out in it! 

Kendall performed a beautiful music special with two of her friends at our Christmas church service,

Blake sang in the children's choir,

and we found out Cooper grew 4 inches since summer!

we had fun playing in the snow that lasted and lasted (and consequently started our kids' Christmas break earlier than planned.)

I got my first pair of sheepskin slippers and died of feet happiness.

And on New Year's Eve we celebrated with friends young...

and old. 
(Old as in long-time!) 

It was a fantastic night. 

Now here's to a fantastic new year!