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Wrapping up December {in January}


Hello, 2017!

I'm so happy it's a new year. For one, it's no longer election year. PRAISE GOD. For two, I'm flying to New Zealand this year! In 3 months to be exact, and I caaaaan't wait. And for three, January is one month closer to the return of summer :)

2016 was a really good year for us, and I can't properly move on until I wrap it up...

Presenting: December!

We picked a tree...

and we decorated it.

Jana and I went on our annual Christmas outfit shopping day (where we also finish up our Christmas shopping, eat out, exhange gifts with each other, and discuss all of life's issues and problems ;)

We had our first winter storm that left 4 inches of snow...

and we took some family pictures out in it! 

Kendall performed a beautiful music special with two of her friends at our Christmas church service,

Blake sang in the children's choir,

and we found out Cooper grew 4 inches since summer!

we had fun playing in the snow that lasted and lasted (and consequently started our kids' Christmas break earlier than planned.)

I got my first pair of sheepskin slippers and died of feet happiness.

And on New Year's Eve we celebrated with friends young...

and old. 
(Old as in long-time!) 

It was a fantastic night. 

Now here's to a fantastic new year!

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