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'Twas Two Days After Christmas


So I figured I should recap a little.

And by recap, I mean share some pictures :)

First up: Wilson family Christmas at my parents house on Christmas Eve.
The cousins - this was the best of 10+ shots. 

Traditional siblings + spouses picture

My cousin Ben got to join us from Sydney, Australia!

Awesome games from Mike & Linley

There was food and presents aplenty, with a few fun surprises, like this smoker for my brother...

And a beautiful wedding photobook for my parents from Jay & Christine

All in all, a perfect day. 

Christmas morning we had to wake all three of our kids up to finally get things going! Russ and I cooked breakfast together and we had a nice slow morning taking our time opening gifts and enjoying everyone's reactions to everything. 
"Let's take a picture in front of the tree", I said. 

Funny thing... her gift started ringing as she opened it! We've always told our kids they won't get a cell phone until they're 16 and driving, so Kendall had no clue this was coming. We made it to 15 and a half so we decided it was close enough ;)

Mind blown!

Blurry but adorable shot of Blake crying when he got his dream gift... a pair of heelys, haha.

After finishing up we got ready and then headed over to Russ's parents for Halverson family Christmas.

The cousins


There were fun gifts...

funny gifts...

funny moments...

and shennanigans. 
(Yes, Russ asked for Roundup for Christmas.)

We had an awesome day, finishing up with a movie (Magnificent 7) and round two of Christmas dinner before heading home around 10pm. 

Christmas is THE BEST. Hope yours was merry and bright!

What I Wore No. 309


Well I haven't blogged in two weeks so I'd just like to update you on the status of my present wrapping...

It hasn't happened. 

I have high hopes for today. Or tomorrow ;)

No. 1
Ross dress, Old Navy heels, Burlington bracelets, gifted necklace

No. 2 
Old Navy tee, Target cardigan, Jag jeans, Trend shoes booties, Ross scarf

(these jeans are the new pull on style - GAME CHANGER. Mine are the Nora skinny jean and I bought them at Nordstrom Rack.)

No. 3 
TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Target booties, Ross scarf, Nickel & Suede bracelet

No. 4 
Old Navy sweatshirt & tee, Maurice's jeans, Ugg boots, finger-knitted scarf made by me

No. 5 
Old Navy top, YMI vest, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, Forever 21 scarf

Merry almost Christmas! 

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What I Wore No. 308


My week has been spent binge watching the first season of The Crown on Netflix, becoming completely obsessed with the royal family (once again), and following this up with a steady diet of related documentaries and online articles to discover how much of it was accurate and what happened to each person. 

So yes, my holiday preparations are going great! How about yours? 

No. 1
Maurice's blouse, Target cardigan, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots, Nickel & Suede earrings & cuff

No. 2 
Shade Clothing striped top, Old Navy vest, Maurice's jeans, Converse sneakers, Ross scarf

No. 3 
Target tank top, Old Navy cardigan, American Eagle jeans, Trend Shoes booties, Maurice's necklace, Nickel & Suede cuff

Happy December! I'm off to find a new show to dive head first into, so I can procrastimate a little longer on my gift wrapping ;)

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What I Wore No. 307


After skipping WIW for the last couple of weeks, I am back with 12 outfits! 

(And they are not in order by date taken, so no, I'm not back in an arm cast, don't worry ;)

No. 1
black maxi dress with demin shirt and scarf
Costco dress, Maurice's shirt, Old Navy scarf, Trend Shoes booties, Nickel & Suede cuff

No. 2 
white lace blouse with jeans outfit
Old Navy top, American Eagle jeans, Maurice's necklace, Trend Shoes booties

No. 3 
navy blue blouse and jeans outfit
Rue 21 blouse, American Eagle jeans, Trend Shoes booties, Nickel & Suede earrings & cuff

No. 4 
puffer vest and blanket scarf outfit
Old Navy vest, Target tee, Ross scarf, American Eagle jeans, Converse shoes

No. 5 
Maurice's sweatshirt, American Eagle jeans, Ugg boots, gifted scarf

No. 6 
Target tank top, Faded Glory cardigan, American Eagle jeans, Trend Shoes booties, Nickel & Suede earrings

No. 7 
TJ Maxx top, Costco cardigan, Eddie Bauer jeans, Target flats

No. 8 
Old Navy cardigan, Torrid tee, Maurice's jeans, Ugg boots, Fossil purse

No. 9 
Target tee, Ross scarf, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers

No. 10 
Old Navy top, American Eagle jeans, Trend Shoes booties, gifted necklace, Nickel & Suede earrings

No. 11 
utility jacket with scarf outfit
Old Navy jacket & tee, Maurice's jeans, Converse sneakers, gifted scarf, Fossil purse

No. 12 
army green utility vest
YMI vest, Old Navy tee, American Eagle jeans, Trend Shoes slip-ons, gifted necklace

Sorry there is nothing linked, I have GOT to figure that out one of these days!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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