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Just the High Points {Life Lately}


I'm just going to start off by saying that yesterday I finished off the last of a Costco-sized bottle of A1 sauce on my elk steak that Russ cooked for dinner, and after tossing the bottle in the garbage and eating my meal, I realized I couldn't remember a time before that bottle of A1 sauce was sitting in our fridge door, so I retrieved it to check out the expiration date and was horrified to realize it was in 2007. That's expired in 2007, not made. DEAR SAINTS ABOVE.

And... I'm alive today so I figured, hey, maybe I should blog.

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy for us as a family. The weekend before last we were in Redmond, Oregon for the 1A volleyball State Finals, where Russ and I cheered on our daughter's team (we won the championship!) and also helped cook the team meals all weekend; I came home to a full week of last minute planning and preparation for Scrap Around the Clock, the huge 33-hour scrapbooking event I'm in charge of twice a year; we watched the elections and our minds exploded, along with the rest of the country; I ran Scrap Around the Clock with my scrap crew, the same weekend that we celebrated 4 different nephew's and niece's birthdays; basketball season just started up again; and oh, our dog Miley had puppies.


So here's a little pictoral recap:

Scenes from Redmond

Scenes from Scrap Around the Clock

And the best part of all...

6 little boys! We are in for a fun next couple of months :)

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