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A Holly Golightly costume (and a couple other things)


Ah, the glorious tradition of powder puff football to wind up school spirit week. (Kendall is #92)

My kids have long loved spirit week - where each day of the week is a different dress-up theme and there are usually special activities (like above), all while working together for a cause (last week it was a canned food drive for Thanksgiving food boxes to give out to the community.)

One of the days was "celebrity day" and Kendall decided at the eleventh hour to try and put together a Breakfast at Tiffany's outfit.
Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly costume
{Holly Golightly Goes to School}

This consisted of my sophomore year high school homecoming dress, which I was just as shocked as Kendall to discover still hanging in the back of our coat closet, a black fitted tee to make it dresscode appropriate, the tiara Kendall wore as the flowergirl in my sister's wedding 11 years ago, the necklace I just wore to my brother's wedding in September, Kendall's sunglasses, and a pair of black trouser socks snipped off at the toes in lieu of elbow length gloves. 

For only having half an hour before school started to come up with this emsemble, we felt we hadn't done too shabbily. Sadly, we couldn't come up with a single last minute substitution for a cigarette holder. Whatcha gonna do. 

And now for the "couple other things"...
My husband took this picture on his phone while eating out at work and proudly showed it to me to the other night. I laughed at it (well, him) because he always makes fun of me for taking food pics, and he's not on any form of social media to share it, so I asked him why he took it. "To show Cooper the bacon!" Hahaha. Men. 

newborn schnoodle puppy
And lastly, puppy update coming at you live... they remain deliciously adorable and precious. 

The end. 

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