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Of Sports and Thumbs {Life Lately}


I'm comin' at ya with one working typing hand this morning evening (seriously, this is taking a sweet forever) so this may not be very long! It's been a while though and things have been a happening so I thought I'd recap...

First of all, our church hosted a womens conference called IF:Gathering a couple weekends ago, and not only was it fantastic and amazing, it led to me reconnecting with an old high school buddy who used to be one of my very best friends!
K'Lynn and I catching up between lots of hugs and laughter. Oh the beauty & blessing of girlfriends!

In the meantime, Russ and Cooper were given courtside tickets to a Blazer game and had themselves a boys night!

Somehow this included a new Blazer tee and beanie for Cooper (yay for Blazer bucks!), and Dutch Bros. 

Next, Kendall talked me into taking her and her friend Hannah to the movies, and that's how I ended up crying like a baby through Storks, appropriately, since it's actually about babies. And darn cute.

But mostly what we've been up to lately is watching sports. Cooper finished up Junior High cross country...

Kendall finished up JV volleyball...

The varsity team (that Kendall swings up on) won their district tournament and are now on to State...

And we watched our neice Miranda who's playing for the Multnomah University Lions for the 2nd year (and completely dominating!)

Sports, sports, sports. It's the story of our lives these days. 

And this is what else has been going on. Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote about my grape juicing day and mentioned I cut my thumb on a soup can? It healed up real nice. And unfortunately without any feeling. Apparently I severed a nerve, and last Friday I had surgery to repair it.

You'd think a little thumb surgery wouldn't involve full hospital garments and general anesthesia... at least I thought it wouldn't. Which is why I fully planned on attending a wedding that same evening. Alas, the doctors and nurses all laughed at me and my hopes were dashed to the ground. Not that I cared after I woke up again... hellllooooo pain meds. I pretty much slept for the next 24 hours straight.

And now I'm sporting this subtle look for the next two weeks. How many times have I had to tell the soup can story, you wonder? Way WAY too many, is the answer. 

Things haven't been all bad though. Our lovely neighbors brought us the most delicious homemade meal with flowers and a card, and Russ and the kids have taken on the household chores like champs.

And my splint didn't stop me from spending the day with these ladies yesterday, putting together 84 freezer meals to split 6 ways! (Although I definitely was the least useful woman in the room.)

It took us 7 hours and it was actually really fun! Fun and tiring. I was out by 8:00 pm last night. All that supervising wore me out! 

(Kidding. Believe it or not, I was in charge of opening all the canned goods. HA.) 

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  1. Totally made me laugh- the irony of opening all those cans - but you weren't washing them with your hands inside ...phew !!! Here's to feeling in your thumb !! Grow little nerve GROW !! Amen.