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Hitched! {Jamin & Christine get married}


Words can not describe how breathtaking my brother's wedding was last Saturday. It was a magical, amazing evening and I've just been floating in a cloud of happiness ever since. 

My little brother finally got married! And I LOVE my new sister-in-law, Christine!
And it was such a special, thoughtful, family-centered occasion, with so many precious moments that I don't think I'll ever forget. 

Plus, check out that view. Breathtaking. 
The wedding was held at Youngberg Hill Vinyard in McMinnville and their venue was impressive.

Our Uncle Andrew (a pastor) flew over from New Zealand to perform the ceremony and did an excellent job. 

The Wilson family

First dance

Mother and son dance

My parents

It was a no-kids event, but Kendall and Cooper were invited as niece and nephew of the groom, and Kendall actually performed the wedding processional, singing and playing "One Thousand Years" on the piano as Christine walked down the aisle. It was beautiful! The rest of the evening I just introduced myself as the mother of the young lady who played the piano, haha.

My beautiful Nanna. I love her so!

Kelly and I being just a little ecstatic to finally have a new sister, and one that couldn't be more perfect for our beloved baby brother.

I didn't take too many pictures after this because I was too busy dancing! We had a blast out on the dance floor! 

Youngberg Hill has a beautiful inn and we were invited to stay there the night of the wedding and enjoy brunch with the newlyweds the next morning. I felt like I could have been in Italy looking out the window on Sunday morning! 

I loved this part of the wedding weekend - it was the perfect way to end the celebration, talking about all our favorite moments from the night before and enjoying extra time with Jay and Christine before they leave on their honeymoon.

Oh, weddings are my favorite! 

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  1. Happy sigh- so fun reliving all the moments. One of my favorites was the smile on Jays face. Great pics Jod.