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Awkward and Awesome


- When you spot an old friend walking by who you haven't seen for a while, and you take a few seconds to double check to make sure it's them before waving and calling out their name (because you've gone down that road before), only to have them turn and stare at you blankly because nope, you were still wrong. Darn it.

- When your husband sends you a more-than-flirty text message that would be highly innappropriate for your children to read, or anyone else for that matter, while two of your children are actually playing games on your phone. This is discovered when your husband calls your phone to see why you're not responding, and your children answer it. They may claim no knowledge of said text message but you all know that text messages pop up on the screen in front of whatever app you're using, and there's no way that it wasn't seen, and it's all very AWKWARD, AWKWARD, AWKWARD.

- The fact that the above scenario could have been avoided if your husband had just walked 10 feet into the next room to flirt with you in person instead of texting you from the living room, because you were both home. Husband fail.

- Reconnecting with an uncle you've only seen once in the past 23 years and discovering that he hasn't changed a single bit from the fun-loving and hilarious favorite uncle of your youth. We all miss you already, Uncle Andrew!

(Our last night with him before he headed home to NZ... checking out the back of our property with my and Russ's parents, and relaxing around the firepit.)

- Booking tickets for yourself and your daughter to travel back to New Zealand to visit family after a 14 year absence. 14 YEARS! It's been too long and I can't wait to reconnect with family and experience it all with Kendall. And eat nothing but fish and chips and meat pies and custard squares and ALL THE THINGS.

- Annndddd... (this is awesome enough for it's own bullet point) finally getting to go to the South Island while you're there! Woohoo! (We never travelled down there once during my childhood.)

- Husbands who make it a priority to get you back to visit your grandparents, and are willing to take time off work to stay with the boys when you'll be gone during spring break, and in general make up for their TERRIBLE texting decision-making by making your biggest dreams come true ;)

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