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Awkward & Awesome - the wedding guest edition


{Johnny & Diana get married!}

- when you let your 13-year-old take a tiny sip of the champagne they poured everyone for the wedding toasts because you think he'll hate it as much as you do, and instead he thinks its yummy and keeps bugging you to have another sip until you ban him from so much as talking about champagne, let alone drinking any, for the rest of his life.

- hitting the dance floor when you've got no moves. NONE.

- when you decide you need to work on this before your next wedding coming up in two weeks, so you come home and actually practice a little in the bathroom mirror before changing out of your wedding outfit, and your son walks in on you and starts grinning and you straight up sink into the floor and die.

- when your 13-year-old son is your wedding date because your husband is out of town, and he takes your arm while walking, and gets you dessert, and offers to go get you more food, and dances with you on the dance floor, and poses with you for pictures, and basically does a stand up job... possibly even a better job than your husband would have done.

- food trucks at wedding receptions. BRILLIANT.

- when your mother comes straight to the wedding from winning first place in the women's open division (and 7th overall) of the Portland to Coast with her relay team, having only slept an hour out of the past 33. She's beyond amazing.

- being a part of a couple's big day and getting to celebrate their new life together with them. I'm always honored to be included in such a monumental occassion. Especially this girl's. 
Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Monnette!

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  1. What awesome photos Jod, all of them and thanks for the very sweet line too. Coop did a wonderful job.