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What I Wore No. 299


No. 1
Ross dress, Famous Footwear wedges, gifted necklace

No. 2 
Old Navy blouse, First Kiss shorts, Nickel & Suede earrings, gifted necklace, Mayari Birkenstocks

No. 3
(yes I'm in a ligerie dressing room. bra shopping, yo.)
thrifted top, First Kiss shorts, Fossil purse, Mayari Birkenstocks - because I wear them all the time.

This is my 299th WIW post. I thought maybe I should start numbering them? I'm not sure to what purpose, but I'm going for it. Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy

Awkward & Awesome - the wedding guest edition


{Johnny & Diana get married!}

- when you let your 13-year-old take a tiny sip of the champagne they poured everyone for the wedding toasts because you think he'll hate it as much as you do, and instead he thinks its yummy and keeps bugging you to have another sip until you ban him from so much as talking about champagne, let alone drinking any, for the rest of his life.

- hitting the dance floor when you've got no moves. NONE.

- when you decide you need to work on this before your next wedding coming up in two weeks, so you come home and actually practice a little in the bathroom mirror before changing out of your wedding outfit, and your son walks in on you and starts grinning and you straight up sink into the floor and die.

- when your 13-year-old son is your wedding date because your husband is out of town, and he takes your arm while walking, and gets you dessert, and offers to go get you more food, and dances with you on the dance floor, and poses with you for pictures, and basically does a stand up job... possibly even a better job than your husband would have done.

- food trucks at wedding receptions. BRILLIANT.

- when your mother comes straight to the wedding from winning first place in the women's open division (and 7th overall) of the Portland to Coast with her relay team, having only slept an hour out of the past 33. She's beyond amazing.

- being a part of a couple's big day and getting to celebrate their new life together with them. I'm always honored to be included in such a monumental occassion. Especially this girl's. 
Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Monnette!

What I Wore No. 298


No. 1
(to a bachelorette party)
Ross dress, Famous Footwear wedges, Nickel & Suede earrings, gifted bracelet from Mexico

(So I wore my brown crossbody Fossil purse with this outfit and that's how I justified wearing my brown wedges... in case you're questioning my shoe choice with this dress. Really though, I just didn't think I could make it through the evening in heels and these shoes are so comfy!)

No. 2
(to church) 
Costco dress, gifted scarf, Fred Meyer sandals

No. 3
(out shopping) 
Rue 21 shirt, First Kiss shorts, Fred Meyers sandals

No. 4
(vacationing in Sunriver) 
Target tee, Kohl's skirt, Fossil purse, Birkenstock Mayari sandals, Nickel & Suede earrings

(Yes we were in Sunriver for 6 days and this is the only outfit picture I have to show for it. Be thankful, it was definitely downhill from here.)

pleated poppy

Sunriver Resort {Family Vacation 2016}


Last week we spent our 7th year vacationing with our friends, the Haddens, in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. I'm proud to say Jana and I have successfully worked our husbands up to a 5 night stay (we started with 3 nights back in 2010) and we are closer than ever to our end goal of a full week ;)

You may ask, what the heck do you for that long in Sunriver? Oh ho ho. Let me tell you, we vacation slooowly. It's amazing. Sleep in. Brunch. Swing on the back deck and drink coffee. Deer watch. Bike ride. Play at the park. Swim. Nap. Take turns cooking. Watch movies (or the Olympics!) Play games. Visit the village. Float down the river. Eat out. Get icecream at Goody's. Read books. Exercise. Relaaaax. 

Here's where the swimming goes down, just a 3 minute bike ride from our vacation home. It's called SHARC and it's our second home at Sunriver. Out of the picture is the kiddie pool/play area, the lazy river, outdoor hot tub, and entire indoor pool complex with pool volleyball and basketball, a whirlpool, lap lanes, and second kiddie area.

This was Blake's first year going completely lifejacket-free, and oh the freedom! Finally, all the kids are good swimmers and trustworthy in the pool, and as long as the youngest two weren't off all on their own, Jana and I felt no need to abandon our spots on the lazy river. HIGH. LIFE. 

Cooper and Dylan

Not pictured: Jana and I coming down on the double tube, which is a good thing since we flipped at the end and I landed directly on top of Jana and it was all very ungraceful.

So I'll give you this picture instead, where we look just a little more put together. 

Dinner and hot tubbing on the back deck.

Spending the evening at The Village (fave activities: visiting the toy/game store, bumper cars, Goody's ice cream parlor, window shopping, dancing to the outdoor bands, and eating at Village Bar & Grill or Sunriver Brewing Co.)

I can't believe this was our first time doing this, but we brought our own inflatable floating stuff to do a 5 mile float down the Deschutes where it wraps around Sunriver and we LOVED IT.

I can't even describe how beautiful and relaxing and peaceful it was. 
All the way up to the last half mile of the trip when we realized Jana had somehow dropped her plastic ziplocked iphone in the river and not noticed it was missing until it was long, long gone.

(This led to an emergency trip to Costco in Bend for a new, upgraded iphone and after drooling over Jana's new 64 GB of storage I had half a mind to conveniently lose my own phone... ;)

Relaxing at Fort Rock Park, where we like to bike to for its playground, tennis and pickle ball courts, outdoor basketball & volleyball court, and big green playing field.

Russ (far left) loves the outdoor hoop. Unfortunately, just a couple of minutes after I took this picture on our second to last day there, he colided with the kid defending him and broke his nose. Like blood all over, nose going sideways, we better head to the emergency room, broke.

The doctor basically just gave him some nausea and pain meds and sent us away with instructions to wait till the swelling was down before having an ENT specialist reset it, so we came back home to join the rest of our group at the pool and still managed to make it back to Goody's for dessert in the Village that night. Russ is a trooper. 

Celebrating Emily's 9th birthday on our last morning in Sunriver. Jana hung a sign, made us all delicious cinnamon rolls, and we surprised Emily with a couple of presents over breakfast.

Final group shot before heading home, with a stop at Three Creeks Brewing Company in Sisters for lunch. 

Ending vacations is so hard for me! But getting to stay 6 days definitely made it a little easier. 

And now, for my final words of advice if you're planning a trip...

- find a home with bikes and SHARC passes. We usually use
- bring helmets for kids 16 and under, they check!
- take your kids to one of the outdoor movie nights.
- try one of the float options (there's 3) on the Deschutes and bring your own tubes/rafts/kayaks so it's free.
- go with friends or family! You get to share the house cost, split meals, and have built in entertainment for your kids.

- worry about getting a home with AC. Being high desert, it gets so cool at night and all the houses are shaded by tall pines, so as long as there are fans we've never had a problem.
- get a house so far out that it's too hard to bike to at least SHARC or Fort Rock Park. There are bike trails everywhere and they are fun to use.
- drop your phone in the river. It's a bummer.
- break your nose playing basketball. Also a bummer. 

What I Wore No. 297


No. 1
Maurice's top & skirt, Famous Footwear wedges, gifted bracelet

No. 2 
Maurice's tank top & denim shirt, Old Navy skirt, Mayari Birkenstocks

No. 3 
Ross top, Target shorts, Mayari Birkenstocks, etsy wrap bracelet

It's been two weeks since my last WIW post and all I've got to show for myself are these three outfits. 
Hash tag winning. 
Seriously though, summer is winning so hard this year and between camping trips and Sunriver vacations (where we are currently), and plenty of general slothfulness, I just haven't been feeling the picture taking, if you know what I mean. 

(Add in the Olympics and I'm a hopeless case. Seriously, we are planning our vacation activities around the TV coverage. NO TIME FOR CUTE OUTFITS AND PICTURES! Haha.)

Summer rules, guys. 

pleated poppy

The Wilsons Camp


For the first time in 8 years, the Wilson clan (my family) went on a vacation together! We are a family of camping enthusiasts so a weekend camping trip together sounded perfect and by the end of the first day it had already been established that, like our childhood days of yore, this would once again be an annual tradition to be repeated every summer. Yay!

We camped on the backside of Detroit Lake and one of my favorite things we did is hike up to Stahlman Point for this beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson

Of course, if I would have known that it was classed "moderately difficult" and that I would be climbing a 1300 foot elevation gain for over 2 miles, I don't know that I would have gone! I'm not the most in-shape mama. I FELT LIKE DYING. 

This crew all reached the top well before me (except for Mum who kindly stayed with me the whole time), along with my dad, brother-in-law Dave, and SIX YEAR OLD NEPHEW. Whatever, Elijah. So here they all are on their way back down while I am almost to the top.

It was so worth it to push myself on up though! And Russ came back up with me just so I could get a picture with him, even though he HATES heights and couldn't handle being up there for very long because the top is pretty much the size of a postage stamp. He's so good to me!

I don't mind heights one teeny bit ;)

Back to camp again, our patriarch "Papa Wilson" relaxing with Bailey, the mini schnoodle. 

Bailey has nothing on my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law's Italian Mastiff, Kenna!

We celebrated two birthdays at camp, my nephew Lincoln turned 2 on Friday...

and Kendall turned 15 the next day!

Opening her gift from us, a silver locket (one of her requests)

which it turns out she really, REALLY loved :)

Go, Dave, go! Our campground, Hoover Campground, was small and perfect for our kids to loop around on their bikes and scooters without getting lost. 

Sporting out new jogger sweatpants... we are nerds. Very comfy nerds. Very comfy nerds ready to kill it in card games! Eating and board games are the basis of any good camping trip, yes? Well then we nailed it.

And yes, we played in the water too! 

(some of us may have just observed, or taken a nap after hiking four and a half miles when they swam the day before.)

My crew at the very end of our trip. Man, we had a great time!

And now for a little Wilson Camp confessional:

- one of us forgot underwear.
- one of us forgot sleeping bags, blankets AND pillows and was only saved by a spouse who made a random comment, literally on the way out the door, that reminded the other, otherwise it would have SUCKED TO BE US.
- one of us forgot the bread for sandwiches.
- all of us got "shushed" by a camp neighbor in a very motherly fashion for being way too loud after quiet hours began. 

 Camping is the bomb shiz :)