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Awkward & Awesome - The Monday Edition


- Well first of all, awkward is definitely how I feel about missing almost two weeks of blogging for no reason at all except I'm enjoying me some summer vacation.

You may be interested to know I've watched 8 seasons of Friends on Netflix, let my kids have all the backyard sleepouts and cousin/friend sleepovers they could ever wish for, said yes to pretty much everything that doesn't cost money (including after-dark swim sessions with the neighbor kids and 10 pm pancake feeds), watched a lot of Disney movies with my almost-two-year-old nephew, and caught up on all the naps I missed during baseball season. It's been fantastic.

- Sitting in a nice restaurant and glancing over at the table next to you to witness a rather buxom chested woman try to remove the sauce she just spilled on the front of her right breast by cupping it in a firm grip and aiming it upwards towards her so she can attack it with a Tide pen. Awkwardness level: train wreck... can't look away.

- After having a fit of the giggles over the above scene, noticing you've spilling sauce on your OWN shirt, and proceeding to make your sister ask to borrow Ms. Buxom's tide pen for a moment. (Sisters are the best.) And not only did the lady say I could use her pen, she had two and let me keep one!

FYI: I waited till I was back in our car to apply it.

- Deck progress, baby! With the help of our nephew, Sam, Russ finished building all our step supports this past week, and then on Friday decked two sides all by himself!

He's so handy! We had fun stuff to do on Saturday and Sunday so the third side will be decked this coming week, and then the whole thing will get powerwashed and stained. So fun to make progress. And to have stairs to walk down!

- Seeing the musical West Side Story for the very first time and LOVING it!
- Also, going with a group of ladies who aren't afraid to order dessert with their meals at dinner out beforehand, OR stop for pie and two hours of visiting afterwards! 

- When your kids don't play with plastic toys at the beach anymore, but instead spend hours creating "crime scenes" with their cousins and then take 52 pictures of their work.

- MIGHTY proud of their work they were too. (insert crying while laughing emoji here :)


  1. Nights out most definitely call for double dessert!

  2. Loving the front steps progress beyond words.

  3. This whole post just cracks me up! I have read your blog for several years. I think I found you from WIWW. I live in Central Oregon so I feel like we are almost neighbors...even though this is the first time I have ever commented. You have a fun family!

    1. Hi Becky! In the blogging world, that IS neighbors! haha :) I'm so glad you took the time to comment, it means the world to me! Thank you!

  4. I didn't meant to be quite so anonymous, but posted too soon. My name is Becky, and I am a seriously lapsed blogger so I don't even post a link anymore!