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Summering along {life lately}


The kids have been on summer break for two weeks now, and things have not been more calm and relaxed hectic and chaotic!

(Celebrating the last day of school totally in sync.) 

Baseball continues on (forever and ever until I die.)

Summer league basketball has finally taken over ALL of our lives. The last two weekends in a row were 3-day tournaments and with a daughter on the team I finally had no excuse to avoid helping out down there.  (Look. I PAY MY DUES during the regular season. I like to pretend summer league isn't actually a thing and stay home and do more useful things like read and watch Netflix ;) That being said, I have to admit I really enjoyed myself. It's a fun environment!

Even more fun though is watching the African Children's Choir! They visited our church to perform on a Wednesday night and my own excitement was only surpassed by Blake's, who would join the choir in a heartbeat if they would let him. He helped entertain the front row but sitting on the floor up front and doing his best to copy every dance move they made. Don't grow up, Blake!

This is the breakfast the kids made Russ for Father's Day last Sunday. They are stepping up their game! Kendall made the apple flower (dipped in melted butter and cinnamon) while Coop cooked the bacon and eggs and Blake toasted and buttered the bread :)

We found Dory! We were all enchanted! We ate at Five Guys! It was a great Father's Day. 

And then Kendall left for team camp in Eastern Washington (at 6:30 in the morning) and I promised her I wouldn't watch When Calls the Heart without her for the next 4 days and it was VERY, VERY HARD. 

At yet another baseball game (remember: till I die), Blake decided to bring me "flowers" in the form of a whole weed bush. They were... pungent. I gave him a hug and a kiss and then made him take them far away from me. 

They came, they came! I am now a crunchy, granola, Birkenstock wearing mama! Miley approves. 

Taken at 7:08pm this week. A good sign we've been playing hard this summer! 

Next up: Halverson family beach trip! Weeeeee!

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  1. I'm really impressed with the kids Father's Day breakfast effort, looked so yummy.