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Oregon Coast {2016}


We're home from our (10th) annual Halverson Family beach trip and I'm here to tell the tales and show the pics! This year was FAB-U-LOUS. Beautiful weather, successful crabbing, kayaking, seal watching, ultimate frisbee, board games and movies, pizza night out, tide pools, a day trip to Newport, and my first time playing "gray wolf" out on the sand dunes in the dark. (It's freaky. And FUN.) 

Off the back deck. Hellooooo Pacific!
And out the side window of our rental house... the Alsea Bay and town of Waldport.

The girl cousins... Debby, Lizzy, Maddy, Mandy, and Kendall

Crab time! My amazing in-laws make this trip happen every year. I'm so grateful for them! 
100% chance they're watching some kind of hunting clip on youtube. 

Our nephew Mark is such a good sport :)
All the cousins! This shot was an attempted recreation from this one taken in 2008...
Awwwww, just little babies back then!
All of us

Visiting Seal Rock Beach

S'mores (and for some reason the national anthem) around the campfire on our last night there.

So many more pictures but I'll restrain myself :)
Bottom line: I love family vacations because I love our family so much. These trips are PRICELESS. 


  1. Lovely lovely lovely....I've seen the movie now I want to read the book...ill buy it if you put it together for me and Gary...what say?

  2. This looks like so much fun-you're making me want to take a vacay!