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Four Grad Parties & a Wedding


June is such a sneaky month.

I'm always excited for it to come because SUMMER BREAK RULES! but I never seem to remember that it starts off with all the graduations (kindergarten! 8th grade! high school! college!), is the most popular month for weddings, is when we celebrate our own wedding anniversary and Father's Day (one week apart), and is when our boys both go to basketball camp, while baseball continues through the entire month for Cooper at the same time that Russ is busy coaching basketball summer league.

So in a nutshell, June is the month I barely see my husband and we spend ALL our money on gifts. It's so fun! ;)

Which leads me to how we spent our first weekend of June...

- One kindergarten graduation (yay, nephew Elijah!)

- One 8th grade graduation followed by a pizza party (yay, nephew Mark!)

One elk farm wedding on the first 100 degree day of the year (yay, Jake & Kim!)

One high school graduation (yay, all our beloved seniors that we have known forever!)

three more graduation parties (on our second 100 degree day of the year!)
(Ashley, Kennedy, Courtney, & Jessica - all former basketball players for Russ) 

By the end of the weekend we were sweaty and penniless, but we enjoyed every moment! ;)

Next up: a 3-day basketball tournament followed by two college graduation parties and our anniversary date night. BRING IT ON. 

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  1. You guys sure know how to party hearty !! Way to be awesome supporters !! Love the pics.