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Monday Confessional - the late night edition


Time for a mom fail moment. Tonight was my turn to be the snack mom for Blake's t-ball game, something I'd put in my phone calendar AND set as a reminder alert so I wouldn't forget. Which is a good thing, since I STILL TOTALLY FORGOT. After my walk of shame back to the car afterwards with Blake ("sorry kiddo, no snacks because one of the moms forgot... I'm not sure who..."), Russ suggested I get myself a planner.

Look buddy, if a phone alarm going off the day before and then again an hour before an event (granted, an ignored alarm due to dinner time chaos and a race out the door to get our oldest son to practice on time) is not enough to help jog my memory... a written note to myself certainly isn't going to do any better.

My friend Valerie kindly reminded me that forgetting the snacks was not nearly as bad as forgetting a kid or something... and then said with a grin, "OH WAIT..."

YES. We all remember that time I left Blake behind at church, thank you very much. Haha. Good times. 


  1. I've been that forgot the snack mom before too! I blame Pinterest for making me feel like I'm SUPERMOM when I'm pinning awesome looking snacks and lunches... Then I break out the goldfish.. Gasp!!

    1. hahaha! We have ALL been there... darn pinterest ;)