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Memorial Day Weekend


What a full weekend! We somehow hit a different family barbecue every day of the holiday weekend, and still fit in a new home project: building steps on our deck! We also managed to finally watch the newest Star Wars movie, not once, but twice, because we all liked it so much, and I sniffed and sobbed my way through a 10 minute montage of military personnel being reunited with their loved ones because those are my very favorite.

Up first: family BBQ at my parents. Amazing steaks, cake pops made by my sister, corn hole and Settlers of Catan, and s'mores around the fire.

Day two: family BBQ at Russ's parents after church. Perfect lazy afternoon, treehouse upper deck hangout, best strawberry shortcake of my life, cutest little snoozing couple :) 

And later that evening: Russ's sister and family came over to fish the river behind our house. Blake was invited to join them and came out all ready to go looking like this. Umm, that would be one of Russ's dress socks tied around his forehead! haha.  

Memorial Day: BBQ #3 was at my sister's house and was also a birthday party for my nephew Elijah. More corn hole, water balloon fights, fun visit with friends, third day in a row of not having to cook! Hash tag WINNING. 

Deck project: wrap around steps! The kids all pitched in and helped while I was the hardware store runner (conveniently also the coffee drive-thru runner) and sandwich maker.  

Blake probably played in the driveway with toys and a tiny stream of water from the hose for 3+ hours while his daddy worked nearby. At one point I thought he'd actually fallen asleep, but no, just laying down on the warm asphalt! 

(Did I mention we paved out driveway after 17 years of gravel? IT IS AMAZING. The end.)

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  1. Great re cap- I am super excited that you will finally have steps ! or more importantly, I will not have to maneuver the concrete blocks in the dark 😉 Wink.