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InstaFriday {Life Lately}


The most amazing spa in Lake Oswego, Oregon, where I was taken for administrative appreciation day last week by my boss and friend, Tracey. 

We had such a wonderfully pampered day together! 

My nephew, Lincoln, made for a great shopping buddy last Friday when I was watching him for the day and had to do all my grocery shopping. In the rain. He was such a trooper! And he didn't mess his diaper which was my one fear for the day! Hallelujah!

Russ took Blake fishing down at the creek he grew up on and Blake was pretty excited about his massive catch! haha.

Double dating with some of our faves, Tim & Cara, at a scottish pub in the old part of Oregon City. It was a beautiful evening! 

Our church was transformed last weekend into a youth conference that brought in over 300 kids from surrounding areas... 30 gave their hearts to Jesus on Saturday night! Kendall was on the praise team, drama team, and dance team... which means months and months of practices leading up to this event. It was all worth it! (But yay for no more Saturday and early Sunday practices ;)

Cooper spent the week at bible camp and just came home today... we all missed him but especially Blake, who didn't know what to do with himself without his usual roomie and main source of entertainment :)

And baseball is in full swing! 

(pics by my friend, Maggie)

This is how Kendall watches her brothers... such a supportive sister ;)

Happy Weekend!

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