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The Madness of March


Good golly, it's been a busy spring. Particularly, the entire month of March. What with the state finals in Baker, both of my boys' birthdays, our school auction which I was a room coordinator for, prepping for Scrap Around the Clock - the huge 33-hour-long event I am in charge of, and EASTER, let's just say I didn't take much time to think about blogging last month.

Did I mention baseball & T-ball started?

Time management isn't exactly at the top near the top of my personal skill set. If you still make it over here to read my blog now and then... thanks for not giving up entirely!

And now, for a few of the things I missed...

Coop the birthday boy turns 13. I made him his favorite dinner (chicken broccoli braid) on his actual birthday and we gave him a couple of gifts, and then we had a large (very large) family party over the weekend and he got to go see Batman vs. Superman with friends. You know what's awesome about older kid parties? ZERO THEMED DECORATIONS. Guys, nary a balloon was blown.  

This is what happened when I threw an open invite out on facebook for a girls night to go see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. How fun is this?!! We packed the theater, ate all the popcorn, laughed and cried, and LOVED IT. I love the age mix here... Grandmas, moms, daughters, sisters, we're all represented!

The four man squad that ran this Spring's Scrap Around the Clock. We were short two of our helpers and still pulled off an amazing event (if I do say so myself.) I just needed a full week to recover afterwards is all, no biggie. 

It was a full house. We filled our 70 spots in the first week registration was open! Already planning and looking forward to our fall event in November. 

A darling moment I stealth-snapped a pic of a couple of weeks ago: daddies, never stop cuddling your daughters. *heart melts*

Toothless! Blake pulled out his own front tooth (again) and made quite an elaborate display on his dresser with rocks, tissues, and mentos, for the tooth fairy to find and be impressed by. And guess what? She remembered on the 2nd night! She's getting goooood ;)

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  1. Nice recap Jod, great pictures too. Blake still looks pretty darn cute even with his teeth missing.