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Life Lately


By chance, have you seen The Jungle Book? 
We give it our hearty approval and highly recommend. 
(I also recommend inviting yourself along if your parents ask to take their grandchildren to see it. Don't be afraid to plead if necessary.) 

Last week we bought a tractor and my position as chief delight of my husband's heart was promptly supplanted by an orange machine. I wished Russell and his new love a happy future together and waved as they rumbled off into the distance. 

Just kidding. I mean I rumbled off into the distance. Turns out, driving a tractor is pretty fun and husband thinks I look pretty cute up there! 

Friday night, my 12-year-old self's dreams came true and I saw Newsies on Portland's Broadway with my girls Jana & Amy. As you can plainly tell, we were NOT AT ALL EXCITED.

Especially sitting 4 rows from the stage. 

I can't tell you how many times I watched Newsies as a young teen. Probably a very awkward amount of times... because I was head over heels in love with Spot Conlon. And I'm not kidding, I watched the movie two weeks ago with Kendall in preparation for the live show and was like, "Christian Bale is in this movie?!" I had no idea who he was when I was an 8th grader. I just knew I wanted to marry Spot. Haha. 

In other (possibly-non-interesting) Halverson family events, we sold our entertainment center to make way for a new-to-us center that could hold a bigger TV. 

Hi Tom! 
We are all in awe of the power and beauty of a 55 inch screen and would like to thank a yard sale and craigslist for our new acquisitions, which the sale of our old entertainment center all but paid for. 

Gotta love a good wheel & deal week!

(Now to paint my burgundy wall a nice neutral...)

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