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What I Wore No. 281


No. 1
Target dress & belt, gifted necklace, Famous Footwear wedges

Sidenote: pretty proud of myself for my belt ingenuity  - I really wanted to wear a gold belt with my Easter Sunday dress but didn't have one - so this is actually the underneath of a gray belt that doesn't have a reversible buckle. I tied it instead... worked great!

No. 2 
Ross top & sandals, Maurice's sweater, American Eagle jeans

No. 3 
Maurice's top, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer's sandals

No. 4 
Old navy striped top, Faded Glory cardigan, American Eagle jeans, Famous Footwear wedges

Yeah Wednesday! Half way to the weekend... and our first 5-day stretch of dry weather since last NOVEMBER. C'mon sun... you can do this! 

pleated poppy


  1. Target has the cutest clothes and that purple dress is no exception!

  2. Nice- like #2 and cute hair .