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Monday Night Confessional


- While I love the switch to daylight savings time in theory, I hate losing an hour of sleep. Yesterday we never even made it to church. So last night I made sure my kids' clocks were turned forward and their alarms set for school this morning, and then didn't wake up until Cooper burst into my room in a panic because school was starting RIGHT NOW and the boys had just woken up. The kids arrived at school 25 minutes late and I was a walking zombie.

So yeah, we're winning at daylight savings.

- Last weekend, after going 20+ years without ever backing into something with my car, I backed into a hotel parking lot lamp post and crunched my back bumper. I was like, "really?! That kind of sucks, but at least it wasn't someone's car." And then the very next morning I backed into someone's car.


I cried pretty hard, 100% due to intense mortification, and then spent the next hour absolutely mortified over how hard I'd cried.

Bottom line: the weekend will go down in history as the moment when Cooper, my poor car mate that morning, learned the hard lesson of how to (and how not to) properly console an overly emotional woman.

- Sometimes I want my husband to try on jeans that I think will look good on him and he refuses simply because they're not "loose fit". So I force him to try them on anyway because, well, I'm bossy about jeans, and then he comes out like this:
And we both die laughing. (Especially when he proceeds to shake his thing in front of everyone in the store so we can all observe that he was right and I was wrong. Dang it.)


  1. I once bought some pants for the hubs and accidentally got him "skinny" instead of "slim". He came downstairs and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. He's a teacher and let's just say that these pants were so tight that they were not appropriate for children!

    1. Ha! I can only imagine... my husband is violently opposed to men in skinny jeans - too funny :)

  2. Thanks for the chuckle- sorry about the car though...bother said Pooh !! Totally can picture the Hiney dance ha ha ha .