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Easter Scenes {2016}


The Halversons all cleaned up. I love how kendall is in flats and standing with a bent knee while i'm in my highest wedges so we can all pretend she's not actually way taller than me ;)

Summer, we need some of your sunshine on our white legs!

Beautiful Kenna, my brother and his fiance's italian mastiff. 

The Wilson side cousins - minus a napping Lincoln.

Favorite pic of the day! Nanna & Papa Duke (who are just the cutest)... and the neighbor's dog!

Halverson side cousins (and friend)

Cooper received a late birthday gift from his cousin Nick who is an amazing gift giver.

holy comic nerd heaven! 

We had such a lovely Easter celebrating with both Russ's family and mine. Our Easter church service was amazing and moving and I cried a little. Then Russ cried a little when his March Madness bracket went down in flames ;) Then the kids cried a little when it was raining too hard to do an Easter hunt outside but we made do indoors, and I didn't have to tromp around in wet grass hiding eggs, so really it all worked out! hehe. 

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