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Do We Get a Prize?


Yesterday started out so well. A shopping date for our school's upcoming benefit auction meant my friend Kristie and I got to play in Ikea all day while spending other people's money. Throw in a little Panda Express and you have what I like to call a WIN-WIN situation.

After picking up my kids from school and the dog from the groomers later in the day, things got a little dicey as I tried to run several last minute errands in preparation for our road trip to Baker City today... and then pack, do the last batch of laundry, and fix dinner, while simultaneously making my children do some of their school work they'll be missing for the rest of the week. (Always a confirmation that I was not cut out to homeschool. Voices were raised and gauntlets were thrown.)  

At 6:30 pm I had to attend an auction meeting, and it wasn't until after this that I was able to take Cooper up to urgent care to "double check" that the arm he'd been mildly complaining about off and on for the past week didn't actually have something really wrong with it.

The answer was yes. In fact, it did.  
A fractured elbow to be exact.

and this would be our THIRD broken arm between my two boys in the past 3 years and we may need an award, or at least some classes for my boys on how to play appropriately and safely. The cast tech took one step into our room last night and said, "oh hey! I know you guys!"

Here's a very sleepy Cooper at midnight, finally getting to leave urgent care four hours after we arrived. God bless late shift medical personnel everywhere. I made sure to sincerely thank every one we were seen by and we were awarded with the most amazing brownies snuck in from the breakroom by a kind CNA. 

You guys, chocolate sometimes does make everything better! At least, it sure helped this mama come down from the stressed out heights she'd managed to fly up to ;)


  1. Oh my goodness !!! Coooopperrr !!!! You need to tell me what happened originally - mean time - awesome you got to scope Ikea - and thumbs up with the Panda Express score as well wink wink.

  2. Aww, poor kid! Kids can be so tough. I remember once a doctor saying there is no way my child broke his collar bone because he would be crying in pain. One X-ray later, clean break on the screen. You just never know!