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Awkward & Awesome



- When you're videoing your almost-8-year-old son open his birthday card from his great grandparents in New Zealand so you can send them the clip, and he surreptitiously picks his nose and EATS it on film. Niiiice. 

- When you return from your family trip to Baker City for the basketball state finals with your son's arm still in a splint after he was told he fractured his elbow, only to find out it wasn't really fractured, and he wore the splint for a week for nothing and missed all the fun hotel swimming with his cousins and friends needlessly, and he is NOT pleased. (But yay for no casts!)

- When your birthday boy (back to Blake again) takes it upon himself to make homemade birthday invitations for all his friends at school and takes them and hands them out WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR AUTHORIZATION, when you actually haven't even planned a party yet, and then you have to tell those kids' parents that call you asking about the mystery party invite that's missing pretty much every piece of pertinent info they would need, that oh, I'm so sorry, please tell your child NEVERMIND. Ugggh.


- Spring blossoms down your driveway!

- Having a husband full of energy again after his basketball season is over! Yeah for long overdue yard work and home projects!

-   Cadbury cream eggs EVERYWHERE! Mmmmmm, cream eggs... ;)

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