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Weekend in Lincoln City


Devil's Lake, Lincoln City

I arrived home yesterday from an awesome team-bonding weekend trip to the Coast with Russ, his assistant, Lisa, and her husband, Jay, and their basketball teams (varsity and JV). No ball games were on the agenda, just fun and relaxation, in the most amazing house we've stayed at yet, Laurel Haven, on Devil's Lake. 

Activities included a LOT of shopping and eating out, going to the movies, relaxing at the house while watching movies/napping/singing in impromptu acapella arrangements/what have you, daily trips to get coffee, and many, many group photo sessions ;)

I can't tell you how fun it was. These girls are a hoot and easy to hang out with and so... good! There was no drama at all, and with 17 girls together for 3 days that's saying something ;) 

Russ and I have done these trips before but this year was a new experience, having Kendall along as part of the group! I tried my best to leave her alone and let her just be part of the group, and failed pretty miserably if I do say so myself. 
MOMS. There's no taking us anywhere! 

(Except when we're needed for photo-taking. We're pretty useful then.)


  1. Oh my, that house is AWESOME ! Glad you had such a wonderful time, loved all the photos too.

  2. Awesome House! Found it here -