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InstaSaturday {Life Lately}


Here's the quick rundown of life lately, according to the pics on instagram and my cell phone
 (aka, the highlights!)

Kendall went to a Valentine's progressive dinner. She wore my wedges and was as tall as a baby giraffe. And as equally graceful in them. Hehe. 

Max husband points were awarded for this sweet Valentine's gift: sugar cookies instead of flowers. He knows the way to my heart, that guy. 

Kendall does too. She left these paper roses she made and some little treats in my bed while I was showering one morning. I'm a lucky mama.

"Mom, come see! I'm window fishing!" (with a pool stick.)

Last Saturday night... district champs and league coach of the year! Yeah Cougs!

Late night fro-yo run because Russ was feeling the cravings. School night bedtimes suffered. 

Temps reached the seventies for the first time this year and I celebrated by putting on my CAPRI length yogas instead of my full length ones, because I'm classy like that. 

Kendall and I got to attend a local paint night on Thursday with some friends and we had so much fun! I am not a natural artist, but give me step-by-step instructions with a side of pizza and I'm in!

Realizing you have 3 blue gingham shirts in your closet. Justifying it with the fact that one's cotton, one's flannel, and one's clearly a different shade. Yep. Keeping them all. 

Ordered my first pair of leather earrings from Nickel & Suede. WON'T be my last. 

I love them! They are so light you can't really feel them. Next up, silver. And then ALL the colors.

And the very best part of our week... last night Russ's team won their 2nd round state playoff game and made it to the state finals in Baker City for the 3rd year in a row! WOOOHOOOO, ROAD TRIP!

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  1. Yes - Whoo hoo road trip for you - keep me updated.