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age 7
2nd grader
family hooligan
weirdly into fashion
ladies man
good at cuddling

(Quoted lately)

While holding his thigh and limping: "Mom, I really hurt my palm."

Out of the blue while playing with legos: "You know why I wouldn't want to be a giraffe? What if you got a rash on your neck? How would you itch it???" Ok Mr. Randompants. 

Climbing into bed with me in the morning: "mom I just had the BEST dream. We were driving all over the country getting candy from everywhere we went! We had so much candy!!!"

"Mom, my tummy's exhausted, because it needs food."

While singing the national anthem to himself as he unloads the dishwasher: "...Oh say does the star banner, to the Lord our God, we sing..." Nailed it.

Love this fella.

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