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Awkward & Awesome


- when you remember to send your 2nd grader off to school with the drinks for his class Valentine's party but forget to send him with his valentine's cards/treats to hand out. (Which is kind of the whole point of the party to begin with.)

- when you not only forget to send the valentines, you forget to even DO his valentines with him. Even though you bought the stuff for it a solid three weeks ago.

- when you're chatting with a girlfriend at school pick up and your 12-year-old son notices he has a slightly loose molar tooth, points out this fact to you, and then to your horror reaches in and wrenches it out and the scene pretty much looks like this...

- unrelatedly, in case you were wondering if it's possible... the answer is yes, apparently you can get strep throat three times in a row.
and it's the pits.

- when your husband has the day after Valentine's Day off work so you can actually go out and celebrate on a Sunday night! Date night ahead... woo to the hoo!

- when you finally decide to investigate goodreads late one night, create an account, and then spend two hours finding all your favorite books and rating them 5 stars so it will give you good book recommendations, something you've been wanting for at least five years. Always on the ball, this girl.

- blue skies, coffee, and taco trucks. In that order.

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