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What I Wore No. 270


On rotation this winter: scarves, cozy cardigans, warm vests, & plaid. 

 No. 1
Old Navy top & jacket, H&M scarf, Eddie Bauer jeans, Converse sneakers

No. 2
Ross sweater & top, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots

Gypsy Ginger wrap bracelet (local jewelry artist and a friend) 

No. 3
Costco shirt, Old Navy vest & scarf, American Eagle jeans, Converse shoes
(I call this look "wet hair don't care")

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. Nice Jod. Kudos Gypsy Ginger.

  2. Love your 'Aztec' sweater and wrap bracelet! So cute! I haven't tried American Eagle jeans yet... are they a good fit?? I just discovered their clothes and have some new tops and sweaters from them that are my new favorites, but I'm afraid to order jeans!! :)