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The Return of InstaFriday {The Friday Photo Dump}


I love instagram... it's by far my favorite form of social media (compared to facebook, pinterest, & twitter). I hear more and more about snapchat these days and it's possible I would like that best if I would actually try it out, but i'm secretly afraid to.

I ain't hip and young no mo'!

I'll probably cave eventually though. I mean, I finally joined twitter last year, and that's been around since 2006 so... I've got time! But back to instagram, I like to end the week recapping what's been going on lately, according to our life on instagram. Let's do this!

By lately I mean a while back because this picture of my best friend Jana and I was from our annual Christmas outfit shopping trip at the start of Christmas break. We like to go shopping for ourselves after finishing all the Christmas present shopping, because it's always fun to have something new and cute to wear for holiday festivities. Kind of a Christmas-themed "treat yo' self" day. We've been doing this for 6 years now!

We also exchange Christmas gifts and this year we managed to gift each other the exact same thing... a gel manicure certificate, which just cracked us up. 

I love best friends.

Also over the break I went out to breakfast with some blogging friends at Gather in Silverton, Oregon, this cute & trendy little breakfast/brunch spot in town. 

I had the pear and brie stuffed french toast with eggs & potatoes and it was AMAAAAAZING! If you live locally, get yourself to Gather and try it out. 

This is my brother, Jamin. I ran into him while grocery shopping at Costco and even though we see each other almost weekly, this spot seemed like a good place for a visit so we stood here blocking the coconut water for 20 minutes. Then I told him I needed to take a picture to show Russ that "see, men shop at Costco all the time!" (He's still not convinced. #goals.)

And last but not least... I got my first ever hate note left on my front window in the Kaiser hospital parking garage! Russ was with me and I'm sorry to say we felt no remorse when we saw it but laughed hysterically instead, that someone actually took the time to get a piece of paper out and leave us that when every third car in the parking garage is not a compact, and no one really pays attention to those spots, do they? I'll just go ahead and answer that for you: no they do not. If you've ever had to find a spot in that garage and try to get to an appointment in time you know, YOU TAKE WHAT YOU CAN GET. 

It pretty much made my day, I love a good laugh.  And I love Fridays too! Happy weekend :)

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  1. Ok, that last one cracked me up too! But I'm with you - instagram is my jam and I'm totally afraid of snapchat. I had snapchat for a little while when it first began (my husband and I work with teenagers so we try and stay relevant). I totally failed at snapchat though. It was too much for me haha.