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Oh Christmas Break, Oh Christmas Break...

1.04.2016 lovely are your lazy days.

Today was supposed to be the first day back in the real world (kids back to school, etc.) but we had some snow and then some freezing rain and everything became a sheet of ice so as luck would have it, we got one extra day of Christmas break... weeee!

And it's a good thing because my Christmas break puzzle wasn't finished yet. PRIORITIES.

I also haven't done any kind of holiday recap yet and feel like something needs to be recorded, if for nothing else than the sake of not wasting all the energy I spent taking trillions of pictures. So it's going to happen! But maybe later this week, because first I need to record the madness that was our Christmas break.

For starters, my mother-in-law was hit by a car while walking across the street, just two days before Christmas, and landed herself in the ICU overnight with bleeding on the brain. NOT SCARY AT ALL. God's hand of protection was on her though and not only did she not break a single bone, but she was able to come home for Christmas day and spend it with us all. Truly miraculous.
{my mother-in-law with her two boys}

Then Kendall got sick and after a Christmas Eve doctor visit she had some really weird reactions to the medicine she was put on and it was rather stressful, for her and for us. And lastly, after every single member of our family came down with a head cold, Cooper went and got strep throat and we spent the day after New Years at urgent care. With what appeared to be everyone else in the greater Portland area.
{Sure, they look angelic now. YOU try sitting with them for an hour and a half in a waiting room.}

But overall, Christmas break has still been a wonderful time! HA. I really do mean it. We are all on the mend and have enjoyed hours upon hours of Psych marathons on Netflix, besides playing board games, reading, hanging out with family and friends, and oh, I finally finished Gilmore Girls! A miracle!

And then of course Sherlock AND Downton Abbey started up again, I finger-knitted two scarves, clocked some serious hours in front of the fireplace, and generally felt like I could live like this till summer.
{Finished in one hour. Boom.}

And today... I finished my puzzle :) So bring it on, real world.

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  1. Wow Jod - when it's all written down , it was terribly crazy wasn't it.!