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Monday Confessional


While driving to work the other day, I was be-bopping along to the radio like the dork mom that I am (read: dancing in the car like a fool), when I realized... hey I kinda really like this song! It's so catchy! And kinda funny! 

So I shazammed that sucker (because I drive a 1999 suburban that doesn't have a fancy stereo that tells me the song title and artist, like those of you living in the current decade) and this is what the app brought up: "Love Yourself".


And I swear I said outloud: "What? No. Wait, what? No! Really?! Oh crap NO!"

But the fact remains, I still like the song. (and dare I say it, the clever music video.)

This is a very conflicting time for me.


  1. ...I like a lot of music from kid video's ..some of it is really creative ...simple and fun.

  2. Don't you just feel betrayed when you hear a spiffy song on the radio and then find out later who sang it? I, too, did not know it was JB the first time I heard "Love yourself." :P

    1. Haha, yes! Very betrayed! How dare they come out with an excellent song?!

    2. I guess "My mama don't like you and she likes everyone" is a bit deeper than "Baby, baby, baby, oh!" No wonder we were not expecting him to be the singer. :)