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How we did the holidays {A belated Christmas & New Years Recap}


Because, you know, it's almost the middle of January. I like to be prompt about these things.

Christmas already seems so long ago. Perhaps because I spent 4 hours yesterday evening helping my 7th grader work on his science project research paper and in actuality it felt like 4 years.

Cooper's face says it all...
Thankfully he completed it and I don't have to think about MLA format and proper citations any longer and we can pretend that we didn't spend our evening at loggerheads because all 7th graders think they know everything. 

So. Our Christmas celebrations started at home Christmas morning opening presents with our kids in our pajamas. 

Just a tad bleary-eyed! It was the perfect morning... slow and savored. After presents and a big breakfast, the kids played with their new stuff while I cooked for our Christmas dinner at my in-laws, where we went to spend the rest of the day doing Halverson Christmas!

So much fun. So much mayhem :) We stayed all day, eating and watching movies till late. And then the next morning, we started all over again at my parents house for Wilson Christmas!

My favorite moment of the day: surprising Mum with a puppy! She had wanted this particular little girl from Miley's litter but my dad had said no, and then bought her as a surprise with the help of us kids behind Mum's back. Mum thought she'd been sold to someone else and had no idea we kept her all the way till Christmas! The surprise worked PERFECT.

{Welcome to the family, Bailey!}

Excited about my most-desired Christmas wish... a fire poker set with handles and heads that wonn't constantly loosen and fall off! Yeaaahhh!

After two straight days celebrating Christmas, this was the aftermath. We stayed home all day and slowly but surely got everything put away and cleaned up. 

And then we celebrated New Year's like we do every year, leaving our kids home and having a game night with friends at my brother and sister-in-law's. 

From the very bottom of my heart, I'd like to wish you an extremely belated happy new year - hehehe :) 

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  1. Beaut recap Jod. Thanks for all the fun photos too.