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Family Prayer - Take Sixteen


According to "our records", this year was our 16th year getting together with Russ's whole fam to share our prayer requests for this coming year and reflect back on what God did in 2015. Over half of the kids in this picture weren't even born back when we started in 2000 (Russ and I were just newlyweds) and now some of them are in college! 

In 2011 we decided to also make a time capsule when we gathered together, to be opened in five years, which meant we got to crack it open this past weekend! 
Everyone poured over the letters and lists and items they'd put in, and we laughed a lot at the kids' diary entries of their lives back then, while I did a fist pump that my goal to potty train Blake got accomplished ;) haha. It was so fun we decided to put it all back in the capsule box and wait another 5 years to open it again!

After all sharing our requests for 2016 (including every kid who writes out their own list) we put them in a jar, stood and agreed in prayer together over them, and then went for a second round of pizza and cheesecake :) 

I am thankful for long-lasting traditions and a family who loves Jesus... every single one.

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