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Rosie the Riveter


What we have here is the world's easiest costume (for the win!) 

Kendall went to a costume party last weekend and the only thing we had to buy to complete her look was a .99 cent tube of Wet 'n Wild red lipstick. We looked up tutorials on youtube for her hair but I ended up doing my own thing... rolling the front section of her damp hair around an empty toilet paper roll and letting it dry and then pinning the giant curl it made it in place. The back is just a high messy bun. 

Next just throw on a red bandana, some denim, and boots and it literally couldn't be easier. 

Or cuter. Seriously so, so cute. 

Have a fun and safe weekend, whatever you're up to!

What I Wore


Wish me luck today, guys... I knocked my fancy dancy mirrorless camera onto my tile floor two days ago and am taking it in to be looked at because now all I get is a lens error message when I try to turn it on. TRAGEDY! 

(Also... sucky phone pictures until it's fixed. Sorry.)

No. 1
Old Navy jacket, Target top, Eddie Bauer jeans, Matisse boots

No. 2 
Costco cardigan, Ross top, American Eagle jeans, Target booties

No. 3
Tommy Hilfiger shirt, REI vest, Maurice's jeans, Ugg boots

No. 4 
Ross top, Maurice's sweater & jeans, Ugg boots

Are Uggs out finally? Not that I care, because my feet love them too much to stop wearing them, I'm just curious ;)

pleated poppy

Monday Night Confessional


This morning I took myself to the DMV to renew my driver's license because I received one of those little reminder cards in the mail telling me my license was expiring...

3 months ago.

(Sometimes I put important things on top of my dresser so I won't forget about them, and then forget about them for 3 months. I am ashamed.) 

I'm happy to report that I am once again a legal driver. And even though I forgot that I would have to have a new picture taken and wore a puffy vest, of all things, and had my hair in a messy bun on top of my head, the picture didn't turn out half-bad. So that's important to note.

{I don't think I'll ever top my 2007 license picture though. I'll miss you, 28 year old self!}



Miley's babies arrived Tuesday night, under pretty perfect circumstances. We were all home, set up and ready, and on HIGH ALERT after Miley kept trying to hide under our porch all day. By 8:30pm we finally had her settled in her whelping box (small kiddie pool lined with towels) in our bedroom, which is where she is used to sleeping. Once we shut the door to the chaotic boy noise going on in the living room, she starting pushing and it didn't take long before Russ and I, and eventually the older kids (Blake was in bed already), were witnessing our very first puppy birth! It was amazing. And just like Christmas, because we didn't know how many were coming or what they'd look like. We were literally like giddy little school kids and may or may not have facetimed a few family members who wanted to watch too ;)

Everything went perfectly... and I didn't really have to assist at all. Turns out Miley is an excellent little momma! I have been so proud of her, and love watching her care for her babies so well. And we got six of 'em! 4 boys and 2 girls, named (temporarily, until they go to their future homes) by each member of our family plus Cooper's buddy Judah who is staying with us this week while his mom recovers from surgery.

Let me introduce you to...
and Marlow.

Man, do we love to watch them! I am OBSESSED. Miley had her final puppy at 11:30 pm and I finally dragged myself into bed at 1:45am. They are just so peaceful to watch, and their little noises are so darling.

This is going to be fun, guys.

What I Wore No. 260


I'm a little late to the party today but I have an excuse... a good one too. 

Our dog went into labor last night and had her very first puppies! Six of them! I've been on cloud nine ever since... and have basically dropped everything to watch the babies 24/7 because I am obsessed. It's the funnest thing EVER! But more on that tomorrow! 

No. 1
Costco sweater, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots, Etsy scarf

No. 2 
Maurice's tunic, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots

No. 3 
Costco sweater, Maurice's jeans, thrifted loafers, Etsy scarf

No. 4 
Old Navy cardigan, Maurice's blouse and jeans, Fred Meyers sandals

Our weather finally kicked over into real fall temperatures and the sandals in that last picture were basically a mistake. COLD TOES. As it's practically November already I can't complain though! You've treated us well, Oregon fall! This summer-lovin' girl thanks you :) 

pleated poppy

Excuses, Excuses


Is it Monday already? The weekend flew by, as weekends tend to do, and nary a load of laundry was folded, despite my best intentions.


Elk face. Obviously I had better things to do than fold laundry.

(Like spending the evening at Rosse Posse Acres with our friends the elk farmers.)

Hoping to catch up on blogging this week... and bring you a puppy report! They should be here by Friiiidaaaay! 

What I Wore


No. 1
Charlotte Russe shirt dress, Old Navy belt, Costco leggings, Matisse boots

No. 2 
Costco shirt, 1st Kiss shorts, Fred Meyers sandals

No. 3 
Costco sweater, Old Navy tank top, Maurice's jeans, Fred Meyers sandals

I'm trying my darndest to dress for Fall but the Oregon weather keeps hiking up into the 70's like it's
forgotten it's October or something. And if you're from Oregon, mid-70's means shorts, sandals, and tank tops.
We are all very, very confused. 

pleated poppy

All Scrapped Out


Here's where I was this weekend... Scrap Around the Clock Fall 2015!

I've recapped this event several times before so I won't go into all the logistics of it... just imagine a large space filled with giddy scrapbookers with no kids or other commitments, and you can guess what a happy place it is :)

We were completely full once again, in fact we sold out in a record 3 weeks! I love how word of our event keeps spreading through positive word-of-mouth. Yeah, happy scrappers!

{Kelly, Karyn, me, Jana & Gaylen}

Our fab crew, minus Linley who was out of the state. This was Gaylen's last hurrah; she's moving to Louisiana at the end of the year but hopes to come back as an attendee twice a year - ahhh the luxury life of a new retiree! We will of course not let her out of this verbal commitment and will badger her until she returns ;)

Kelly and I love having our Mum come - this year she worked on a photobook of her bike ride across the States, and got sucked into the movies on the big screen like I always do. It's hard to be productive while shedding a tear over The Age of Adaline! (Great film, by the way.)

Working with family is fun! 

I'm excited for next Spring's event and meeting old friends and new, once again. I'm also excited for a week of catch up sleep! Dang I ain't 20 no more!!

Return of the Happy Hunters


I didn't mention it, but Russ and Cooper have been gone since Last Friday on a special youth hunt in Southern Oregon. Internet safety, you know. Anyway, they weren't supposed to return until this coming Sunday but guess who showed up in the driveway yesterday afternoon?

A couple of HAPPY HUNTERS.

Cooper shot his first deer, with his dad mentoring him, and it was a proud and glorious moment in both of their lives, let me tell you.

They went on the trip with three of Cooper's cousins, Russ's brother and brother-in-law, and his father, and all the boys were successful at filling their tags. What an amazing trip! I was crying from laughing at their stories when they came home, and shot a really fun video of Russ and Coop telling the story of his deer.

{Derek, Coop, & Sam with their Blacktails, and Drew with his rather bloody looking Columbian Whitetail. I'm so sorry.}

I'm so happy they had this special bonding time, and not just father-son time, but cousins, uncles and Grandpa time too... precious family memories! Russell and his brother were taught how to hunt as boys by their grandpa and father, and now the tradition continues, and a bunch of safer and more ethical hunters you couldn't find. These boys are being taught by the best!

And did I mention I have my boys home four days early? Yep, I'm a happy mama.

P.S. Would you take a look at all the awesome shots my husband got with his iphone? He took over 130 pictures! I think I'm finally getting him trained as a proper blogger's husband! haha :)