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What I Wore, and the weekend


Sometimes I manage to pull myself together and come up with 5 outfits in a single week! When it's happened lately I like to call it, "darn, I'm so busy" - meaning, I can't stay home in my yoga pants as often as I'd like.

Not that I didn't stay home for Memorial Day. While others were out boating, barbecuing, camping, or just generally enjoying the holiday, I was holed up in my boys bedroom, where we spent 7 STRAIGHT HOURS completely cleaning it out, getting rid of over half of everything they owned, organizing, and rearranging the entire room.


(Actually, for the hidden organizer in me, it was pretty fun. But for the holiday celebrator in me, it was all, MY LIFE HAS COME TO THIS! SAD DAYYYYS!)

As for the rest of the weekend (and week) here's what I wore and what I did...

No. 1
to church and then a grad party where I participated in my first skeet shoot (shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun) 
(it's how we party out west ;)
Ross top, American Eagle jeans, Ross sandals, Maurice's necklace

No. 2
to the OACA Awards Banquet (Oregon Athletic Coaches Association) at U of O where my husband was honored for being a State Coach of the Year  
thrifted dress, Old Navy cardigan, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3
to work and a baseball game
clothes swap top, American Eagle jeans, Target sandals, new scarf from Budapest (a sweet gift from a friend who just traveled there)

No. 4 
to work and shopping
Tommy Hilfiger shirt, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, same scarf as above because I am in love with it. 

No. 5
to a mom's group and midweek church service
Ross top, Big Star jeans, Tom's shoes, old etsy necklace

Have a great rest of the week, everyone! 

pleated poppy

Awkward and Awesome


- forgetting it's class picture day at school and realizing both your sons left the house in what you could only term as "end-of-the-school-year rags" with unbrushed hair because everyone accidentally slept in that morning. Winning.

- also forgetting to send them with their picture order forms and money. Brain! Where art thou?!

- filling out your younger son's birthdate on a permission slip and then realizing you put the wrong day. And not one of his siblings birth dates, which would have been understandable because hey, we all get mixed up every now and then, but no, just a random day that no one in your family was born on. God bless white out.

- when your daughter's new (and favorite) sweater coat keeps going "missing" from her room, to be found worn with ninja gear by an offending brother, who swears it's an Assassin's Creed cloak.

- facetiming with your "biking across the US" mother while at your son's baseball game so she can watch him up to bat from Virginia. TECHNOLOGY.

- 12 year old boys with goals:

- High school Fiddler On The Roof productions that are outstanding. 

- husbands who make you delicious omelets for breakfast on their day off.

- And of course, three day weekends! Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

What I Wore


No. 1
Maurices top (new), American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer sandals
(and new necklace & earrings from my church woman's retreat!)

No. 2 
Old Navy jacket, Ross top (new... you can't see but it has lace shoulders), American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots

No. 3 
Maurice's top (new), American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots (not pictured: gray cardigan)

Loving my new tops bought at the coast on Mother's Day weekend... and sunny days (mostly) to wear them on!
 Hip Hurrah for summer getting closer and closer!

pleated poppy

Beth goes to Europe {a packing post}


This is my friend, Beth. 
Beth recently traveled to Europe with her husband on a 10 day train tour (to Prague, Vienna, & Budapest), and while I secretly cried to the heavens because I didn't get to do a train tour of Europe, I still offered to help her pack because if one can't travel, one can live vicariously by picking out what their friend will wear while traveling. What I mean is that the challenge of packing for 10 days in one single carry-on suitcase (internationally sized at that) is something I embrace. I may have clapped, in fact. 

The small silver carry-on above is what fit the shoes and clothes we carefully picked out, and the blue tote carried Beth's toiletries, kindle, and misc. travel items. 

I helped Beth pick out items that could be mixed and matched easily and transition from day to night, covering everything from cool morning walks to a concert or play to dinner out. Then we worked on whittling the list down, getting rid of pieces that didn't work with at least 3 different outfits.
{Our initial list (background) and our final list after cutting 5 more items.} 

Here's what made the final cut: 
3 pairs of shoes (tennies, birks, & pretty sandals)
3 pants (blue jeans, colored jeans, and black capris)
1 skirt
1 dress
1 jacket
2 cardigans
1 denim shirt
5 tops
3 layering camis (in the zipper pouch with some sleeping pants and underwear)
= 20 items
(plus a scarf & belt)

And now for the fun part! 
With those 20 items here's what I came up with... 16 versatile outfits! 

I sent these pics to Beth's phone before she left so she could easily refer to them and get dressed quickly every day. 

And then I cried some more when I saw pictures like this (secretly of course, yaaaaay Beth!)
{Beth & Andy in Budapest}

{Be still, my palace-loving heart}

I truly had so much fun doing this! Seriously... going on a trip soon? Please let me pack for you! ;)

Friday thanks


It's Friday and I'm thankful for the weekend! And for...

a hard working husband who always wants my company

this girl, who is truly beautiful on the inside, where it counts.

for lilac bushes in my yard

for lazy afternoons in the sunshine

for rainless baseball evenings watching this guy play

for irises and peonies that finally bloom

for rascally yard diggers (like, right in the middle of the yard!)

and for a car full of hard working and happy cousins

for birthday outings celebrating Jana turning a year older before me ;)

and for fresh summer pedicures!

Have a great weekend! 

The Adventurer


Remember when my amazing Mum hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail (Mexico to Canada) solo over two summers, walking a total of 2660 miles?

My own personal superwoman is at it again... this time biking across America from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean with my dear friend Sarah who I've talked about many times on my blog before.
They took off Monday on an airplane to Virginia and started the TransAmerica Trail Tuesday morning with a back wheel dip in the ocean in Yorktown.

{The Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA}

I won't see Mum again until she's dipping her front wheel in the Pacific ocean in Astoria, Oregon... 3 months from now after traveling over 4200 miles.


I am so proud of her and of Sarah. they are determined to be lights shining Christ to everyone they meet along the way and I know are going to come home with incredible stories to tell. (Also, probably crazy bike tans ;)

I'm already looking forward to the homecoming celebration :)

What I Wore No. 240


No. 1
Tommy Hilfiger shirt, American Eagle jeans, Ross sandals, gifted scarf

No. 2 
Old Navy sweater, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer sandals, old purse

No. 3 
Maurice's sweatshirt, American Eagle jeans, Converse sandals

No. 4 
new Maurice's top, Maurice's necklace, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer sandals

So I was at the Coast this weekend and went shopping at Maurice's with my "mother's day shopping spree money" (woo hoo, thanks honey!)... and there was so much cute stuff! I ended up buying the tops in those last two outfit pictures, plus 3 more!
hopefully I'll get to show you the others I picked next week,
as long as it stops monsoon raining which it's been doing for the past 2 days!

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy