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The Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was just the loveliest affair this year. We spent the afternoon at my brother and sister-in-law's home with most of Russ's side of the family and some church friends and it was so easy and relaxed. I love any reason for getting together, and especially on holidays. 

Cara did a beautiful job decorating and hosting, and we all made sure we had the food situation covered!

Ate every bite. No room for dessert, or any other food the rest of the day! 
(Okay fine I ate a small piece of pecan pie. And then a sliver of pumpkin pie. And later a square of something chocolatey and caramely and delicious. But nothing after that!)

We left early in the evening and headed to my cousin Stephanie's house to visit and play games with my side of the family who had all gathered together and eaten at the same time as we were eating with Russ's family.

(Why can't a girl be in two places at the same time?!)

It was still fun to see almost everyone and hang out together, and play Fact or Crap! 
(New board game. Great for groups. If they like playing board games. Which we do.)

James, Sophie, Alaina, and Kendall

This kid is looking older all of a sudden! 

With my Aunt Kathy, cousin Stephanie, And Aunt Pam.

Love my crew.

We finally headed home around 8 pm, got Blake into his pj's and settled in front of a movie with his sister, and then... Russ took Cooper to see Creed at the movie theaters (a long promised treat after their Rocky movie marathon over the summer) and I headed out SHOPPING!

Don't hate me but I love to Black Friday shop. Especially later at night when I've missed the frantic crowds, and know once I get home and climb into bed I can stay there as long as I want, instead of getting up crazy early to head out the next day.  
Tricia, Mum, and I have been going Black Friday shopping together every year for... I'm not sure, years. And this was the second year my niece Miranda came along. I love our tradition! At this point in the night we were reviving ourselves with a midnight snack of Pizza Hut and Starbucks drinks from Target. Good times. 

I got everything I wanted and then spent ALL day Friday in my pajamas, watching movies with my family and eating leftovers (no cooking the day after Thanksgiving. Moms rules). The rest of the weekend (including yesterday, which was a no-school day for my kids) was as laid-back as a girl could wish for, and I'd say a good 50 percent of it was spent playing with our puppies. We only have them for two more weeks before they head to their new homes... waaah! 

I digress. It was a happy, happy Thanksgiving :)

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