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Monday Confessional: Christmas Edition


How does one love and look forward to Christmas as much as I do, and yet be so far behind in the Christmas preparations? I don't refer to the shopping part, I've had that covered since Thanksgiving weekend. I just refer to EVERYTHING ELSE.

We finally got our tree last Friday. THE 18TH OF DECEMBER. This was not the plan. The plan was to get it the first weekend of December, but basketball, torrential rain storm after torrential rain storm, and extremely busy schedules intervened, until the stars finally aligned and we had a free and dry afternoon. We set out in high spirits, and ended in a hail storm. I kid you not. Drenched. But we got our tree! It's beautiful.
{those streaks are giant rain drops}

And as of this morning, this is what it looks like.

What happened in between is that Blake had a school Christmas program Friday night.

and his final basketball game and awards Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime, Russ was gone working Saturday morning, and coaching a road trip game Saturday afternoon/evening, and since I don't trust myself to get a tree into a treestand successfully and make it straight, I decided to put lights up on the outside of the house instead, especially since, miracle of miracles, we had a dry, beautiful day Saturday. The problem with this plan being that I couldn't find our outdoor lights anywhere, and ended up using my tree lights.

Then Sunday morning we had our church Christmas service.

It was so lovely! But after coming home for lunch Russ put the tree up, I put on my ONE remaining strand of lights, and then plans to go buy more were foiled by Kendall coming down with a flu bug, a circumstance requiring constant moral support because she is quite the tearful patient. 

Lets hope things work out better today. Then, I can move on to actual present wrapping! 

That's right. I only have one gift wrapped.

Christmas superstar.


  1. You love Christmas so much, but I think the tree getting at the 11th hour happens almost every year! It's just how you roll😘 It always gets done and it's always lovely!

    1. So true. Last year is the only year in recent history we got ours early. It was a Christmas miracle. I blame basketball... who made it a winter sport?! :)

  2. .. Now you need pics of the porch lights-