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The Sports Vacation


Our family goes on two kinds of vacations: family trips, and sports trips. Family trips are everything they should be... fun and relaxing getaways with lots of quality time together.

But sports trips... they are exciting! It's a family vacation with a side of high hopes and expectations, and camaraderie with your sports family.

Last Thursday we traveled to Redmond, Oregon for the 1A State volleyball finals where we cheered on our Lady Cougars who were making a run at their second state title in a row. We also went to help cook for the team - staying in an adjacent condo in Eagle Crest Resort... a big condo!

Besides the team and coaches, the coaches families were also there... including my nieces and nephews, making it extra fun for my kids!

But on to the tournament!
Game 1: VICTORY!

After game one on Friday afternoon we played again Friday night, with a blackout theme for the crowd (we have a lot of school spirit :)

Game 2: SUCCESS!

Winning the second game put us into the championship match Saturday night! We wiled Saturday away by playing games, taking the kids swimming at the resort rec center, and generally being nervous about the upcoming game!

Blake and Valerie sporting their school colors

Introducing the players before the game


We won in 3 sets, winning back-to-back state champ titles! YEAAAAHHH!

Coach Janin hugging her oldest daughter, a senior, who won player of the game. 

Besides having a niece on the team, two sisters-in-law for assistant coaches, and a nephew as team manager, as well as being close friends with coach Janin, almost all of the girls also play basketball for Russ so we have a LOT of love and pride for this team! It was such an awesome night. 

Best post-win moment: all the dads doing the whip/nae nae with their daughters... priceless! 

Next sports vacation: crossing our fingers for Baker City next March for the basketball finals!

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  1. Great post and pictures Jod. Amen to Baker !!