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Monday Confessional


I have a secret quest in life: to ensure that my only daughter properly (and passionately) falls in love with all the same old books and movies that I have loved ever since I was her age. (Some true classics, some 80's & 90's classics!)

So far I've had about an 80% success rate... so I'm feeling pretty good about it. And I'm hugely enjoying my quest, especially when it means Kendall and I can go hide in my bedroom with the laptop or our books while sports games are going on in the living room! We've knocked out so many favorites and I have so many more still to introduce.

Biggest hits: Pride & Prejudice (watched 4 times now), My Fair Lady, The Fiddler on the Roof, The Princess Bride, Sleepless in Seattle, my entire Lori Wick book collection, and as of last night, Anne of Green Gables.

I originally introduced my dearest Anne a little too early, in both book & movie form, so Kendall remembered nothing except that she found the first book daunting and the movies boring. Oh was she pleasantly surprised yesterday! We had ourselves a little movie marathon, to be continued today, and she also found the books on my bookshelf and is ready to dive on in.)
{I love you, Anne Shirley! And now Kendall does too!}

Biggest failures: Grease, and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. We are talking BOMBS, here. She walked out on me during the first one, saying it was way too racy and she was uncomfortable (while I was busy singing and bebopping along to Sandra Dee), and swore to never watch the second one again after the slightly disturbing forced wedding scene with Marian, Nottingham and the witch.

Girl's a prude. Err, I mean, MY BAD!

(Funny how many scenes you forget about when remembering movies you watched as a kid/teen!)

(Note to self: give her a year and try again ;)

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  1. Omg that one scene from Robin Hood- yes horrible !! But way to embrace the ever loved Anne Shirley.