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Awkward & Awesome Returns


I haven't done one of these in a while! Please, let my awkward life entertain you!

- When you're sitting in the back of a room full of kids who are being entertained by The Reptile Man, and he is introducing one of his rattlesnakes, and happens to mention that his snake was in a movie about a lady walking the Pacific Crest Trail, and you instantly know he's talking about "Wild", and abruptly interrupt his story by shouting, "ooh, ooh, did you get to meet Reese Witherspoon?!"


(For the record, yes he did. And told a story about it. So yes, it was worth it.)

- When this picture is captured from the event by the coordinator, and of course it's YOUR son kissing the giant python.

- When you have plans with friends for Veterans Day, forget about those plans and try to make plans with a different friend, and then have to attempt to gracefully back pedal after remembering your first plans.

It was as awkward as it sounds. 

- My original (and super fun) plans for Veterans Day... a writer's retreat day with some of my blogging friends! It was AMAZING. We showed up in sweats, with yummy food to share, and our laptops to spend a day writing and working on projects without a single interrupting child. (or husband. ;) Next up, a writers' retreat weekend in January! (aka the girlfriends' play weekend ;)

- Conversations with optimists:
Blake: Mom! Mom! It's almost my birthday!
Me: you mean your birthday next March? That's 5 months away, bud.
Blake: well... that's getting pretty close! *grins excitedly*

- Freezer meal parties. I didn't know this was a thing, you guys, but I got invited to one with the option to either go help prep and come home with 7 delicious crockpot meals for my freezer, or pay a little extra and just pick my meals up. There are so many options and all the shopping is done for you and I was pretty much like, "SOLD", within 5 minutes of learning all about it. 


- Dates with handsome fellas.

- Dates, period :)


  1. Ummmmm when is the crockpot party and why haven't I heard about it???? Someone's neglecting their sister duties.. add that to your awkward!!!!