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Rosie the Riveter


What we have here is the world's easiest costume (for the win!) 

Kendall went to a costume party last weekend and the only thing we had to buy to complete her look was a .99 cent tube of Wet 'n Wild red lipstick. We looked up tutorials on youtube for her hair but I ended up doing my own thing... rolling the front section of her damp hair around an empty toilet paper roll and letting it dry and then pinning the giant curl it made it in place. The back is just a high messy bun. 

Next just throw on a red bandana, some denim, and boots and it literally couldn't be easier. 

Or cuter. Seriously so, so cute. 

Have a fun and safe weekend, whatever you're up to!


  1. This picture of her is one she'll love for her whole life long.

  2. I agree with Cara, and one I will love too, she needs a poster, she is down right gorgeous !! So tickled that some of those genes came from us.