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Return of the Happy Hunters


I didn't mention it, but Russ and Cooper have been gone since Last Friday on a special youth hunt in Southern Oregon. Internet safety, you know. Anyway, they weren't supposed to return until this coming Sunday but guess who showed up in the driveway yesterday afternoon?

A couple of HAPPY HUNTERS.

Cooper shot his first deer, with his dad mentoring him, and it was a proud and glorious moment in both of their lives, let me tell you.

They went on the trip with three of Cooper's cousins, Russ's brother and brother-in-law, and his father, and all the boys were successful at filling their tags. What an amazing trip! I was crying from laughing at their stories when they came home, and shot a really fun video of Russ and Coop telling the story of his deer.

{Derek, Coop, & Sam with their Blacktails, and Drew with his rather bloody looking Columbian Whitetail. I'm so sorry.}

I'm so happy they had this special bonding time, and not just father-son time, but cousins, uncles and Grandpa time too... precious family memories! Russell and his brother were taught how to hunt as boys by their grandpa and father, and now the tradition continues, and a bunch of safer and more ethical hunters you couldn't find. These boys are being taught by the best!

And did I mention I have my boys home four days early? Yep, I'm a happy mama.

P.S. Would you take a look at all the awesome shots my husband got with his iphone? He took over 130 pictures! I think I'm finally getting him trained as a proper blogger's husband! haha :)

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  1. So Erik has fallen short in the picture taking arena so I may need a few of these beauties from you!