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Miley's babies arrived Tuesday night, under pretty perfect circumstances. We were all home, set up and ready, and on HIGH ALERT after Miley kept trying to hide under our porch all day. By 8:30pm we finally had her settled in her whelping box (small kiddie pool lined with towels) in our bedroom, which is where she is used to sleeping. Once we shut the door to the chaotic boy noise going on in the living room, she starting pushing and it didn't take long before Russ and I, and eventually the older kids (Blake was in bed already), were witnessing our very first puppy birth! It was amazing. And just like Christmas, because we didn't know how many were coming or what they'd look like. We were literally like giddy little school kids and may or may not have facetimed a few family members who wanted to watch too ;)

Everything went perfectly... and I didn't really have to assist at all. Turns out Miley is an excellent little momma! I have been so proud of her, and love watching her care for her babies so well. And we got six of 'em! 4 boys and 2 girls, named (temporarily, until they go to their future homes) by each member of our family plus Cooper's buddy Judah who is staying with us this week while his mom recovers from surgery.

Let me introduce you to...
and Marlow.

Man, do we love to watch them! I am OBSESSED. Miley had her final puppy at 11:30 pm and I finally dragged myself into bed at 1:45am. They are just so peaceful to watch, and their little noises are so darling.

This is going to be fun, guys.


  1. if you are selling them and have ANY... I'll make the drive!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha... you're not really serious, riiiight? Because ummm yes I am selling them and have 4 available! :)

    2. Haha, $600 for any one of them.