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Another Monday Report


It was a lovely weekend and I feel like there's a few things I should catch you up on around here... so here we go!

- First off, I saw the Intern last night with my sister-in-law, Tricia, and we LOVED it. Oh man, it's just the cutest and funniest movie and I'm sure you need to go. Do it. Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are golden together.

- We are expecting! Miley is due in about 3 weeks and we couldn't be more pleased. Or nervous. Mostly pleased. (And nervous.) Like other expectant mamas, Miley is sleeping a lot, eating for two, and experiencing some weird pregnancy cravings. Let's just say the bathroom garbage is officially off limits and residing out of reach on the counter at this time. Ahem.

- Over the weekend I embraced my inner Laura Ingalls and finally picked our grapes to juice and make jelly. My Mum came over to help and in just one afternoon we ended up with 6 gallons of juice!

{special shout out to the Ove Glove - best way to handle the hot jars!}

- Mum and I celebrated by starting a 1000 piece puzzle, which we then worked on into the wee hours because we are old enough to really love a good puzzle, but apparently not old enough to have any puzzle self-control.

And that's the report! Have a wonderful Monday :)

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