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All Scrapped Out


Here's where I was this weekend... Scrap Around the Clock Fall 2015!

I've recapped this event several times before so I won't go into all the logistics of it... just imagine a large space filled with giddy scrapbookers with no kids or other commitments, and you can guess what a happy place it is :)

We were completely full once again, in fact we sold out in a record 3 weeks! I love how word of our event keeps spreading through positive word-of-mouth. Yeah, happy scrappers!

{Kelly, Karyn, me, Jana & Gaylen}

Our fab crew, minus Linley who was out of the state. This was Gaylen's last hurrah; she's moving to Louisiana at the end of the year but hopes to come back as an attendee twice a year - ahhh the luxury life of a new retiree! We will of course not let her out of this verbal commitment and will badger her until she returns ;)

Kelly and I love having our Mum come - this year she worked on a photobook of her bike ride across the States, and got sucked into the movies on the big screen like I always do. It's hard to be productive while shedding a tear over The Age of Adaline! (Great film, by the way.)

Working with family is fun! 

I'm excited for next Spring's event and meeting old friends and new, once again. I'm also excited for a week of catch up sleep! Dang I ain't 20 no more!!

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