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What I Wore


What we have here is an official What I Wore Full Edition! 7 Outfits! It's been months, MONTHS, since this has happened, so lets just take a moment here and all secretly sigh in relief that I gave my jogging shorts and yoga pants a much needed break this past week. 

No. 1
Kohl's dress (borrowed from my sister), Famous Footwear wedges, gifted jewelry

No. 2 
Costco sweater, American Eagle jeans, Converse Shoreline sneakers

No. 3 
Maurice's top and jeans, Ross sandals

No. 4 
Ross top, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer sandals, Maurice's necklace

No. 5 
Wet Seal top, Maurice's jeans, Ross sandals

No. 6 
Maurice's white top, Old Navy cardigan, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyers sandals

No. 7 
Maurice's sweatshirt & jeans, Toms shoes

A few notes of import:
1. Yes that's new hair in outfit picture #2! Exciting times, folks. (Outfits are in order of how much I liked them so that was just done yesterday and explains the curls that I won't be able to repeat because I am hair-disabled.)
2. What was I doing stepping inside a Wet Seal and actually making a purchase, you ask? (striped top in outfit#5) I was coerced by a niece, is my story. I don't really think I'm 16. 
3. Yellow Toms make the world a happier place. 

pleated poppy


  1. Only you, Jodi, can take something ordinary, make it fun, and make me laugh. Love the top on number 2, super cute. Deb

    1. Ah thanks, my sweet friend :)

    2. I love the Costco sweater and the aqua and lace top in number 5. So what do you think are the newest color trends in women's fashion for fall? I am thinking of adding an orchid colored top to my wardrobe this fall. I might pair it with purple jeans.

    3. Thank you, Kari! As to your question, I'm not sure I'm quite trendy enough to know what's new for Fall... although I'm still seeing a lot of earthy tones... olive, etc. Orchid is very pretty and a nice color pop! I'm not sure I'd pair it with purple but everyone has their own style! Your rock what you love, is my advice :)