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The Maiming of the Shrew {A Monday Confessional}


Upside to country living: fewer visits from Jehovah Witnesses.
Downside to country living: more visits from pests and rodents.

Last week the kids reported several black mouse sightings in the house, and in odd places for a mouse, like in the boys' bedroom and the hallway closet. Usually we catch our mice under the kitchen sink. (Sadly, at least once every few months.)

I moved a mouse trap to under the boys bed, but no luck, it got set off but nothing was caught. I had horrible flashbacks of the time a rat got in our house and kept setting off the traps, so asked Russ to set a rat trap for me, but before he got to it, I finally had my own sighting. And while it wasn't a rat, it wasn't a mouse either, it was a little black shrew, and I'm afraid to say that the circumstances of our meeting were unfortunate.

I was sitting on the toilet.


It scuttled out of who-knows-where, made a beeline for the closed door, couldn't fit under, so turned and ran straight towards my feet. My feet, people! It's safe to say that I panicked.

As in, squealed, lifted up my sandaled foot, and stomped on it. 

(Does this make me a redneck? My biggest fear is that this makes me a redneck.)

The next step was calling for backup... because I was afraid to lift up my foot in case it wasn't dead, and also because I didn't really want to see the aftermath of what I'd done. Russ came to my rescue and laughed when I finally lifted my foot.

Flat as a pancake, guys. Poor thing. May it rest in peace.

And not have any family members left in my house.

P.S. feel free to virtually high-five me for the corny title ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so hilarious. I needed a good laugh. Yes my dear, you, are a redneck.

  2. I don't remember hearing this story ... ( title definitely makes sense now ) Wow amazing foot work...what are the odds right ?! . :D ha ha ha

  3. I'm with Debsrustygold, lol at this...maiming gone fatal hahahah

  4. Your animal stories get more fascinating every time!!!