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Monday Confessional - potty stop


We're going to file this one under: "why do these things happen to me?"

Picture this.

You're camping over the weekend with a large group at a pretty full campground. One morning you wake up early and need to go to the bathroom, so you decide to take your dog on a leash so she can go potty too. Your husband, waking up from your movements, decides he also needs to use the restroom, so you walk together down the row of camping sites to the group bathrooms, you waiting outside with the dog while your husband goes first, so he can take the dog when he's done.

Do you have that picture in your mind?

Next, out comes your husband, and as you hand him the dog leash and walk towards the ladies end he stops you and says, "what's that hanging off your backside?" And you look behind you and in horror realize a long trail of toilet paper is sticking out of the waistband of your sweatpants.

Now remember, you haven't gone to the bathroom yet.

This means it accidentally got stuck there when you visited the loo before climbing into your sleeping bag the night before, when you were a good "public restroom user" and put toilet paper down on the seat first (doubling it because it's the stupid single ply kind, making it extra long), and it somehow managed to stay attached in it's entirety THE ENTIRE NIGHT.


I don't even know how that is possible. But of course, it happened to me.

{actual distance from our site to the bathrooms. aka - way too far to possibly go completely unnoticed, is what I'm thinking.}

I lead a charmed life, I tell ya! 

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