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Family Campers + Back to School


Our last hurrah of summer was a camping trip to Foster Lake over Labor Day weekend for our church "family camp".

It was loads of fun, so don't go by Miley's face... she's just pouting about being leashed all weekend.  
Instead, look at these faces! Nothing says family camp like multiple games of Smart A**! Seriously, SUCH a fun game.

Let's peruse some pics from the weekend, shall we? 

{the parentals. fun camp neighbors and generous french toast sharers :) }

And while we're sharing pictures, let's kill two birds with one stone and cover the return to school too. 

7th grade, 9th grade, and 2nd grade for these three. 

I always dread back-to-school and the end of my favorite season, but it has been kind of nice to get back to a more structured routine, because let's be honest, our structure and routine took a flying hike this summer. 

It was fun! But sending your kids away for the day is a little fun too ;)

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  1. Great pics, family, Kendall and G'pa, Kendall and Christine and the school pics - well done you ! Now let's party ;D